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Travel Log
 Rukhla is totally off the tourist map, which is a real blessing. In fact, I’m almost loathe to tell you how to get there! I’ll resist the temptation to be greedy and divulge the information, but be warned that it’s a good 11-hour drive from Delhi which is best done in a hardy 4WD vehicle. From Shimla, the route reads Dhalli-Kufri-Fagu-Theog-Chaila-Gumma-Rukhla. It’s not too difficult, since you’ll find any number of people to ask for directions. Once there, the ‘to do’ options are limited. This is the sort of place where you spend whole days tucked in bed, reading a good book and drinking endless cups of tea. The potential for walks is immense – simply arm yourself with stout walking shoes and a packed lunch, pick a direction and wander off. It’s an unbeatable feeling to lie under an apple tree on a sunny afternoon, reading a book. You can visit the Kiari temple, a very pretty spot, and also go further down to the Deori temple. If you’re feeling energetic, you could drive to Chingaoti, where the rivers Chingaoti and Giri meet, or to Chambi-Kupper where there are waterfalls.

Although there’s an absolutely delightful Forest Rest House in Rukhla (bring your own provisions, cutlery, bedding, the works), the best place to stay is the home of Jagjit Singh Chauhan and his charming wife (Ph: 01783-58259, 098160 77977, Rs 1,500 onwards for room and full board). They’re a gracious, hospitable couple and Mrs. Chauhan’s cooking is the sort that brings eyesight to the blind.
Motor Log
Honda City ZX VTEC
Total distance covered: 1012 km
Kpl: 10.5

A View Of The Himalayan Valley

Any direct queries for a visit & a stay call Mr Jagjit Singh Chauhan at (91)(11) 92183 77900/ 92184 58259 or email at

The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

Local Forts & Temples

Local Forts & Temples
Once a fort of the local king is now a temple for the village deity.

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